Opening in 2023

Exhibition and adventure trail

The exhibition at the observatory is designed as a future lab. It not only provides visitors with a live view of the universe but also presents snapshots of the worlds of astronomy, space research and sustainability.

As we turn our eyes to the heavens, Space Eye seizes the opportunity to tell us stories and make research something we can all experience first-hand; it becomes a hub that forges a link between science, technology, creativity and society. This is where day-trippers and tourists, families and technology fans of all ages come together. Close to the observatory, an adventure trail is also being laid out that playfully introduces visitors to stargazing and encourages them to visit Space Eye.

The exhibition at Space Eye does not tell its story in a linear manner. Rather, the complex is a unique ensemble of high-end images, artefacts and staged experiments that can be experienced individually depending on your interests and the amount of time you have at your disposal. The future lab is visually, acoustically and spatially designed to give the impression of a laboratory and research environment. After passing through a gate at the entrance, guests to Space Eye enter a world where research and experiments are conducted, where work is done and knowledge is taught. No global answers or big truths are presented to visitors here; instead, Space Eye asks questions, puts forward hypotheses and outlines the current state of research.

Adventure trail

A specially developed app accompanies visitors on the adventure trail and prepares them for their trip to Space Eye. Around 15 stations along the path to the observatory are designed to playfully introduce them to the subject, to inspire them and encourage them to start studying the sky even before they enter the planetarium.


Our observation of the heavens has amassed an endless wealth of knowledge and produced countless fascinating stories. The modular exhibition at Space Eye is just as colourful and diverse; the individual exhibits have been developed and adapted together with a number of partner institutions. Why have humans been studying the stars for thousands of years and what are the big questions here? Which instruments do we use to observe space and the earth? Which daily tasks are made easier for us by space technology? Where do we come from? Are we alone? Space Eye tackles questions like these and includes visitors in its deliberations. The exhibition tells carefully selected stories about stargazing, life in space, Switzerland as a space nation, the problem of space debris, Gantrisch Nature Park and much more, all of them visually impressive, future-oriented and people-focused and always accessible to visitors of all ages. Our scientific partners, in particular the University of Bern, and innovative exhibition organisers such as the Swiss Space Museum and the Linz Ars Electronica Centre support Space Eye with their expertise and exhibits.