Stargazing on the Uecht

Uecht Observatory enables you to observe the exciting objects to be found in our skies under the supervision of our committed and competent demonstrators.

Looking through a telescope with your own eyes is a great experience for adults and children alike. You decide the general scope of your visit: Would you like to visit the Uecht in a group (such as with a class of pupils), or are you more of a spontaneous stargazer? Both options are possible.

Spontaneous and relaxed: Wednesday evenings from 6 July

Every Wednesday evening – weather permitting – the observatory is open for stargazing. Whether you’ve registered beforehand or come by on the spur of the moment, our demonstrators warmly welcome everyone to the Uecht. Find out more here. Every Wednesday at 5.00 pm, we post whether tours are possible on that day or not.

Planned and prepared: group tours

We’re more than happy to show you round the observatory in a group. You decide which topics we should focus on. So that your visit runs smoothly, we need a few details from you in advance. Find out more here.

Stiftung Sternwarte Uecht: opening times

October–March: 8.00 pm
April: 9.00 pm
May: 9.30 pm
June–July: 10.00 pm
August: 9.30 pm
September: 9.00 pm

We recommend that children visit the observatory between September and April. Tours last between one and two hours depending on the time of year, the visibility and the number of visitors.

Uecht Observatory is on the Musse:um Trail and supports the planned certification of Gantrisch Nature Park as a Dark Sky Park by the International Dark Sky Association (IDSA).

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