Opening in 2023

Telescope and

The view through Space Eye’s world-class telescope is absolutely breathtaking; Space Eye is well worth visiting for this alone!

With your own eyes you can observe stars, planets and galaxies in spectacular size and clarity, with the Space Eye telescope giving visitors a very special experience indeed. Current images are also directly displayed in the high-resolution planetarium and a selection of the best pictures is on show at the exhibition in the basement. Thanks to various partnerships and a high-speed Internet connection, Space Eye is able to transmit images to the planetarium from large telescopes situated all over the world. You can therefore study the sky both during the day and in the evening – and even when the weather is bad. Views through the telescope are supplemented by planetarium films, art productions and talks and private and business events. Space Eye is thus setting new standards in the presentation of space images, allowing us to travel all the way from the Uecht Observatory to the end of the universe as we know it.

The historical telescope in the Schaerer observatory and a number of mobile telescopes also provide images of the heavens and enable events to be staged for larger groups, such as a “night of stars”.

To the stars and back

The high-end 8K planetarium can hold 80 spectators and brings outer space to the audience in a series of spectacular images. Here, you can undertake a virtual journey in pioneering quality from Space Eye to the end of the universe as we know it. The night sky can be displayed in brilliant 8K quality at all times of day and night, with live images switched in from partner telescopes throughout the world. Exciting documentaries on astronomical, technical, ecological and philosophical topics are also screened. High-resolution projection of the images across the entire dome of the planetarium allows spectators to immerse themselves in new worlds and makes Space Eye an attractive day out in bad weather, too.

Public and private displays

The displays at the planetarium are also comprehensible to a young audience and with their impressive imagery forge an emotional link to the topics presented. The planetarium is also perfect for private events or as a spectacular conference room.

Dark Sky

Gantrisch Nature Park near Bern is a recreational area close to the city, a place of tranquillity that is popular with families.

As a dark sky reserve, the nature park does everything it can to prevent light pollution. It thus provides creatures who suffer from the light noise in Switzerland’s towns, villages and agglomerations with valuable places of refuge. It protects insects, birds and bats and at the same sensitizes us to this aspect of species conservation. The dark sky reserve therefore provides optimum conditions for observing the sky. The latter can be done both professionally or merely with the naked eye. Space Eye is embedded into this environment and does not disrupt the nature park as a ‘foreign’ object.